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Interview with Michael Caine

      There's something charming about an English accent, whatever they say it sounds elegant.  Michael Caine was talking about the character he plays in a film entitled "The Statement."
A difficult part for him because he hates Nazi's and he plays one who ordered the execution of seven Jews during the German occupation of France in the l940's.
      "Why did you take this part?" I asked.
      "Because I've been in 90 films so far and I'm 70 years old and looking for either parts that are challenging or fun.  This one was challenging.  My next film is a small part as Batman's Butler. That should be fun.
      "What was your childhood like?"
      "Eclectic. My parents were Protestant and Catholic and they sent me to a Jewish school as it was the closest to where we lived outside of  London.  The kids called me Morry the Goy.  My real name was Morris."
      "Do you think the Nazi's were anything like the Terrorists?"
      "No.  The Terrorists are not only religious fanatics but they are discontent with their lot in life.  They are filled with hatred and don't care who they kill even if it's themselves.  The Nazi's wanted to kill but didn't want to be killed."
      "Yes," I said, "what we have now is even more dangerous that what we faced in World War Two.  Are there a lot of Muslims in England?"
      He nodded, "We have a Muslim group that puts out a newspaper saying they want to see the Islamic flag flying over Buckingham Palace.  Needless to say, the Queen takes a dim view of  that.  I've been married for over 30 years and my wife is a Muslim but she doesn't want to take over the British government."
      "Is the British government worried about that group?"
      "Well, they haven't taken any action against them but they are keeping an eye on their activities."
      "In "The Statement" there were Catholic Church officials who actually helped the Nazi's right?"
      "Yes, there were Nazi sympathizers in many places and this is a true story.  Between l940 and l944 there were 330,000 Jews living in France and they were deported by French Administrators and French Police to Concentration Camps.  Without the zealous cooperation of many French citizens the Nazi's would have been unable to carry out their extermination job in France."
      "Interesting.  There is an old saying that when evil happens and good people do nothing to stop it they help facilitate it.  But on a lighter subject, you look very healthy and fit for being 70.  How do you stay that way?"
      "I walk.  I love to walk.  You see so much more than when you drive.  Plus, I lived in California for the first few years of my acting career and I learned how to make the light and lean California cuisine."
      I smiled, "Do you think you'll ever retire?"
      "I hope not," he winked.
Copyright  Devra Z. Hill © 2015 All Rights Reserved
America: Freedom to Fascism

    I don't know anyone who enjoys paying income taxes but most people think it's the law. This eye-opening film exposes the fact that there is no law saying the average American citizen has to pay income taxes. Aaron Russo is an award winning filmmaker who produced "The Rose" and "Trading Places." Recently, he decided to discover the truth behind this "no law" rumor concerning the ratification of the 16th Amendment also known as the "Tax Amendment."
    He interviews government officials from the IRS, FBI, Politicians and tax attorneys and authors to find out exactly what is the Federal Reserve. Even he is surprised that the Federal Reserve is not part of our federal government but is a private banking corporation operated by unidentified private bankers. The Federal Reserve has the right to counterfeit money because now money is not backed by gold! The Federal Reserve is a banking cartel. Thus the government works for a private bank and the bank works for its owners. The Federal Reserve is an illegal corporation.
    Many people think we have to pay income taxes to help pay for government services but there are many other taxes that pay for those services. This tax is what the English fought against, "Taxation without representation."  Income taxes could be compared to paying for protection against the government so they won't put you in jail but if every citizen stood up and said "No, I'm not paying income taxes" the government would have to change just from the overwhelming population of protesters. The jails are so crowded now that they couldn't possibly put all the law-abiding citizens in also.
    Recently our so-called Democratic government is talking about forcing everyone to carry a National ID Card and having a computer "Spy Chip" placed under our skin to track every move we make. We must fight back against this.
    Watching "America: Freedom to Fascism" was like watching a true life horror film. A Fascist Nation is one  in which big government and big corporations work together to stifle the people and Mr. Russo says he hopes he can wake up Americans to the myth that America is NOT still the land of liberty that it started out to be.
  Cinema Libre Studio  
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Political Documentaries
Fish Tank

   Katie Jarvis,Michael Fassbender

    The story is set in England and Katie Jarvis plays a volatile 15 year old girl whose life is turned upside down when her mother brings home a new boyfriend. Katie wants to be a dancer but she can't seem to get along with her friends or her family.
   Her life becomes even more frustrating when her mother's boyfriend has sex with her.
   Fish Tank's characters are not very likeable and the camera work is bad and some of the English is hard to understand so Fish Tank Sank to the Bottom of the Hill.
   Rated R  IFC Films
The Tooth Fairy

Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd,Julie Andrews

      Dwayne is a good Hockey player whose nickname "Tooth Fairy" comes from his habit of separating opposing players from their bicuspids. For him Hockey is a tough and tumble game.
   When he discourages a young kids dreams he's sentenced to one week of hard labor as a real Tooth Fairy. He does a  bumbling and stumbling job as he tries to wing his way thru strangers' homes.
   "The Tooth Fairy" is a funny kids film that laughs Three Quarters Up the Hill.
  Rated:  PG   20th Century Fox
The Shock Doctrine

   The Shock Doctrine is a feature documentary based on a bestselling book by Naomi Klein. This is an interesting look at how America's "free market" policies have come to dominate the world and it radically challenges the myth that the global free market triumphed on the wings of democracy.
   The story shows how governments around the world over-exploit natural disasters, economic crises and wars with the aim of pushing through radical free market policies.
   Political leaders have often turned to brutality and repression to crush protests against their own agendas and some CEO's of Banks and Corporations push ordinary people into poverty for their own greedy personal gain.
   "The Shock Doctrine" is a gripping look at how greedy, selfish behavior can destroy the whole world.
   Filmed by Michael Winterbottom & Mat Whitecross    
82 minutes
The Wolfman

   Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins

     Benicio plays the brother of a man who vanishes and Anthony plays the father. Emily Blunt is the girlfriend of the man who disappears and she wants his brother to find him. He learns that something is killing the villagers in his hometown.
   This is a dark scary horror film and even the camera work is dark and the story gets confusing and disappointing when the good guy turns into the bad guy so The Wolfman crawls to the Bottom of the Hill.
  Rated R   Universal
Valentine's Day

Jessica Alba, Kathy Bates, Patrick Dempsey

   This is the funny story of people who live in Los Angeles as they try to find romance on Valentine's Day.
   The all star cast including Jennifer Garner,  Jamie Foxx, Jessica Biel and Hector Elizondo, all get involved with each other as their lives intertwine with many surprises.
   Valentine's Day is a laughable romance comedy that laughs to The Top of the Hill.
  Rated: PG 13   Warner Bros.
The Ghost Writer

Pierce Brosnan,Ewan McGregor, Kim Cattrall

  Ewan plays a ghost writer who is hired to write the life of a former British Prime Minister, played by Pierce Brosnan. Ewan soon finds out that the previous ghost writer died under mysterious circumstances.
   We see him research the ex prime ministers scandalous life as he discovers the harsh counterterrorism tactics he used. Then the ghost writer has fear for his own life.
   This is an interesting story written and directed by Roman Polanski and climbs Three Quarters Up the Hill.
   Rated: PG 13   Summit Entertainment


Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson, Amanda Seyfried

  Julianne plays the wife of Liam Neeson who she suspects is cheating on her. They have been married long enough to have a 17 year old son. She sees an e mail from a young girl sent to her husband and decides to hire a hooker to find out if he is with other women.
  The hooker is a beautiful young girl named Chloe played by Amanda Seyfried and the story soon becomes a very interesting, comedy with a script that's original enough to make Chloe a Top of the Hill performance.

Rated: R Sony Pictures

Brooklyns Finest

Richard Gere, Ethan Hawk

  This is about three Brooklyn Cops trying to do their job on
the violent streets of Brooklyn. They are working hard but
don't seem to accomplish their job without a bloody mess.
  This is 2 hours and 20 minutes of constant violence and it
became boring. A better title might have been Brooklyns Worst.
Brooklyns Finest shoots to the Bottom of the Hill.
Rated: R Overture Films

Our Family Wedding

Forest Whitaker, America Ferrera, Carlos Mencia, Lance Gross

  America Ferrera is a young Spanish girl who wants to marry Lance Gross, a young black boy. Their fathers played by Forest Whitaker and Carlos Mencia don't like each other and don't want an integrated marriage in the family.
  With insults flying and tempers running high this is a funny, interesting look at life and prejudice. Our Family Wedding rates a Top of the Hill.
Rated PG 13 Fox Searchlight
City Island

Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, Steven Strait

Andy is a lifelong resident of a quaint fishing community on the outskirts of New York City. He is a family man with a fiery wife played by Julianna Margulies and he has a son and daughter. He also has past secrets that he doesn't want to tell his family one of them is that he really wants to be an actor and he also has a long lost son who's mother he left before the son was born and now the son is in jail but when Andy sees that he's going to be put on parole he decides to take him home and let him stay with his family without telling them he's his son. Then his long kept secrets become very funny as half truth and confusion develop.

City Island is a funny interesting story that laughs to the Top of the Hill.

Rated: PG 13 Anchor Bay Films

The Bounty Hunter

Jennifer Anniston.Gerard Butler, Christine Baranski

Gerard is the bounty hunter who is assigned to track down his ex-wife Jennifer for a traffic accident she had while working as a reporter. He thinks all he has to do is bring Jennifer back to court after she bail-jumped her case, but catching her is not an easy job and becomes very dangerous.

She is running away to chase a lead on a murder cover-up and to be the first reporter who gets the details on the story. The Bounty Hunter is an interesting, romantic comedy with a lot of violence but also some very good background music and runs to the Top of the Hill.

Rated: PG 13 Sony Pictures
Hot Tub Time Machine

John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson

This story follows best friends who have become bored with their adult lives so they take a vacation at a ski resort and after a night of drinking and soaking in a hot tub they wake up back in time from 2010 to 1986. They think it might be a good time to kick out their past and start again in the future.

Hot Tub Time Machine soon becomes a story filled with so much sex it's like a Porn film and every other word is the "F" word, it rates Half Way Up the Hill.

Rated: R MGM

Date Night

Steve Carell, Tina Fey

Steve & Fey are a married couple with 2 kids who plan a date night each week to help revive the romance in their marriage. But they are exhausted from their jobs and kids so dates rarely end in fore-play or any other kind of play, let alone romance. That's expecially true on the date night in this movie.

On this date night they go to one of New York's busiest restaurants and are waiting for a table but they don't have a reservation so while they're waiting a name is called for a no-show couple and Steve decides to steal that name to get a table. That turns their run-of-the-mill marriage upside down when they find out that name belongs to a thieving couple who are being hunted down by a pair of corrupt cops for having stolen property from very dangerous people.

"Date Night" is an action packed comedy that runs Three Quarters Up the Hill.

Rated PG 13 20th Century Fox

Please Give

Amanda Peet, Catherine Keener, Oliver Platt, Sarah Steele

Catherine Keener is the working wife of Oliver Platt and she goes to estate sales and buys furniture to sell in her trendy Manhattan store. She has a teenage daughter played by Sarah Steele who always wants the expensive things that Catherine buys and there's the marriage problem of sharing parenting and business with her husband who has his own business problems.

They live in a nice apartment and decide to buy the next door apartment so they can knock down the walls and expand their own place. The woman they buy the apartment from is very old and they have to wait for her to die before they can continue their expansion.

The opening scene of this movie shows women having mamograms so we see a lot of bare breasts. Please Give is a funny look at all the different lives of New York neighbors and rates a Three Quarters Up the Hill.

Rated R Sony Pictures

Furry Vengeance

Brendan Fraser, Brooke Shields, Ricky Garcia, Matt Prokop

This story is about animals who take revenge against people for building on their land. Brendan Fraser is in the construction business and he takes his family from Chicago to the Oregon woods where he is developing a supposedly "eco-friendly" housing area. Brooke Shields plays his city loving wife and Matt Prokop is his nature-phobic teenaged son and they're not too happy with what's going on either.

We see lots of squirrels, skunks and birds trying to stop the construction.This is more of a childrens film than one for adults. So for children it rates Three Quarters Up the Hill but for adults Half Way Up the Hill.

Rated PG Summit Films

Casino Jack & the United States of Money

This film is based on a true story about how lobbyists influence our representatives in Washington DC. A man named Jack Abramoff was a very powerful lobbyist until he was under investigation for his role in the purchase of a fleet of SunCruz gambling boats from a Florida businessman who was murdered, gangland style. Jack was called before the Senate to testify about the extraordinary sums of money his lobbying firm had taken from Native American tribes running casinos but he took the Fifth Amendment. The lurid story then exploded into a massive influence-peddling scandal that threatened to take down Congressmen who had gotten large donations from him.
"Casino Jack & the United States of Money" is an interesting look at what goes on in Washington, DC and how it affects all of us and rates a Top of the Hill.
Rated R Magnolia Pictures

Nightmare on Elm Street

Jackie Earle Haley, Kyle Gallner, Rooney Mara

This is a remake of the 1984 horror classic about people who have nightmares of being killed by a burned scary faced villain called Freddy Krueger. But this remake is a horrible horror film that has constant bloody violence on people who fall asleep and relive their molested childhoods. Nightmare on Elm Street is a nightmare that screams to the Bottom of the Hill. Rated: R New Line Cinema

BABIES Documentary

This story follows 4 babies from different places around the world from birth to their first steps. The film shows us the earliest stages of the journey of humanity that is universal to all of us. The producer of this film said he got the idea 12 years ago seeing how cute people are when they start out as babies and grow to children. "Babies" starts out cute and funny as it shows a lot of scenes with mothers breastfeeding their babies but three quarters thru it becomes a little repetitious but it still rates Three Quarters Up the Hill for a look at life. Unrated
Focus Features
Iron Man 2

Robert Downey Jr. Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Mickey Rourke

Robert is Iron Man 2 and he's under pressure from the government to share his iron technology with the military. But he doesn't want to share his technology because he fears the information will slip into the wrong hands which is highly possible these days. The original Iron Man was funnier and the camera work was better but this still forges Three Quarters Up the Hill.
Rated: PG 13 Paramount Pictures

Robin Hood

Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, William Hurt

The Robin Hood story has been around for 100 years. Robin is an English archer, swordsman who with his band of men robs from the rich and gives to the poor during the early 13th Century in Englands Sherwood Forest. He challenges the King to alter the balance of power between the King and his subjects.

The acting is good but we watch 2 hours and 20 minutes of flying arrows and swinging swords so the violence is a little too long, still it horse races Three Quarters Up the Hill.
Rated: PG 13 Universal

Sex and the City 2

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall

  Here we go again with the friendship, fashion and fun the girls have as they take a big bite out of the Big Apple and beyond as they travel the world with their busy lives and loves. This time the girls travel first class from New York to the Middle East and they learn a lot about different cultures.
  Sex and the City 2 is a fun musical as it dances and laughs to the Top of the Hill.
Rated: R   New Line Cinema 

Prince of Persia

Jake Gyllenhaal,Ben Kingsley, Gemma Arterton

  Jake plays a rogue prince who joins forces with princess Gemma as they fight against dark forces of murdering men so they can save and ancient dagger that's capable of releasing the Sands of Time. The dagger is a gift from the gods and can reverse time and allow its possessor to rule the world.
  But Prince of Persia is constant killing and even Jake is not enough of a Hero to help this film go higher than One Quarter Up the Hill.
  Rated: PG 13   Walt Disney Films

Finding Bliss

Denise Richards, Leelee Sobieski, Mattew Davis

This is a Porno film about making Porno Films, a classic struggle between good girls and bad girls. It's very interesting about how much hard work goes into making sexy movies. This is an entertaing, funny battle of the sexes played out against the backdrop of the Adult film world and finding love in the most unlikely places. Finding Bliss is a cutting edge romantic comedy that explores the Adult film industry through the eyes of an idealistic 25 year old award winning film school graduate and it laughs enough between porn scenes to rate a Top of the Hill.
Rated: R Phase 4 Films

The Love Ranch

Helen Mirren, Joe Pesci, Gina Gershon

This story is set in Nevada were Prostitution is a very profitable legal business. Love Ranch is a fictional story based on many truths about Nevada's successful Brothel Industry. Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci star as the husband and wife team who own one of Nevadas first brothel ranches and they are the Hooker Bookers. Their marriage is as successful as their business until a world famous Boxer from South America is brought there to train as part of Joe's expanding entrepreneurial empire.
Things go awry when Helen is attracted to the new man in her life. Love Ranch is set in the mid-70's and is an entertaining, interesting and sometimes funny look at all the people involved in the Brothel Business and rates a Three Quarters Up the Hill.
Rated R E 1 Entertainment


Tilda Swinton, Billy Zane, John Wood

Orlando played by Tilda is the story of a journey through time, of someone who lives for 400 years, first as a man, then as a woman. As a young nobleman, Orlando is granted favors and property by Queen Elizabeth 1. After her death he falls in love with a Russian princess but she leaves him and he takes up his manly destiny as an Ambassador in central Asia. There, in the midst of war, he is unwilling to kill or be killed so he changes his sex back to a woman.
Orlando returns to 18th Century London where she faces the choice of marry and have heirs or lose everything. She meets the man of her dreams but chooses to forsake both love and inheritance and emerges into a 20th Century filled with speed and noise as an ordinary person and in losing everything she finds herself. This story was orignally released in l992 when it got 30 international awards and it's still an interesting enough story that rises to the Top of the Hill.
Rated PG 13 Sony Pictures Classics




The Wildest Dream

Conrad Anker Susan Robertson

This story is about climbing Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. Conrad Anker is the brave man who climbed this mountain in 1999 and found the body of George Mallory a British explorer who vanished 75 years before when he tried to be the first man to climb to the world's tallest peak.
The Wildest Dream is an interesting look at how dangerous mountain climbing can be and yet there are people like Conrad Anker who find the danger exciting and interesting enough to risk their lives doing it.
Rated PG 13 National Geographic Entertainment

Dinner for Schmucks

Steve Carell, Paul Rudd

This movie is promoted as a comedy but it's not funny cause the comedy comes from everything going wrong. The acting is good but the script is stupid and I saw a lot of people leaving before the movie ended. The basic story is about men trying to have successful careers in business but the way they go about it is ridiculous.
I kept waiting for Steve and Paul to get funny but they just got silly and not believable so Dinner for Schmucks has no dessert and slides to the Bottom of the Hill.
Rated PG 13 Paramount Pictures

Charlie St. Cloud

Zac Efron, Kim Bassinger, Amanda Crew

  This film has good acting but a depressing story about Charlie St. Cloud played by Zac Efron and his young brother getting in a car accident where the young brother is killed and then Zac keeps seeing him in his memory. Zac plays ball with his dead brother and those scenes seem ridiculous and depressing.
  Finally Zac meets a high school classmate played by Amanda Crew and he falls in love then realizes he has to save his own life from depression. "Charlie St. Cloud" is very sad and rates One Quarter Up the Hill.
Rated: PG 13   Universal Pictures

Eat, Pray, Love

Julia Roberts, James Franco, Richard Jenkins

  Julia plays a woman looking for a meaningful life and decides her marriage isn't what she needs so after a divorce she travels the world to eat, pray and love in places like Italy, India and Bali.
    She finds great food in Italy, inner peace in India and love in Bali. We watch as she faces the many problems that nearly everybody has. Eat, Pray, Love is an interesting look at life but it's over 2 hours long, but still it climbs Three Quarters Up the Hill.
Rated" PG 13   Columbia Pictures




Bran Nue Dae

Rocky McKenzie,  Missy Higgins, Ernie Dingo

It's the summer of 1969 and Rocky plays a man filled with an idyllic life in his hometown of Broome, Australia. He spends his days fishing, hanging out with friends and when he can seeing his girlfriend. His mother has hopes for him to be religious and sends him to a Mission in Perth. But he is punished by the Father there for an act of youthful rebellion. He runs away but is too ashamed to go home to his mother and he meets some people he decides to travel across the spectacular Australia countryside with.
He learns life's hard and often funny lessons and discovers the father he never knew.
"Bran Nue Dae" is an interesting journey thru life and has some good background music based on the stage musical so it dances to the Top of  the Hill.
  Unrated    Cinemarket Film
Going the Distance

Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Christina Applegate

  Drew and Justin have a romantic relationship but Drew lives in San Francisco and Justin in New York so they only get together for summer time flings. Christina plays Drew's sister and gives her advice when possible.
  Justin is a musician and there is some very good music in this film, Drew is a writer and struggling to get a permanent job. The acting is good and the San Francisco and New York scenery is pretty but the story is a bit frustrating, but it still travels Three Quarters Up the Hill. 
      Rated: R   New Line Cinema

Wall Street
Money Never Sleeps 

Michael Douglas, Josh Brolin, Carey Mulligan

    This story was filmed on the real Wall Street were Gordon Gekko was a greedy, money laundering Broker played by Michael Douglas. The real Gekko served 8 years in jail for his racketeering.  The story starts when he gets out of jail and tries to be a better person and reestablish his relationship with his daughter played by Carey Mulligan.
    Carey has a personal relationship with a young stockbroker who is trying to make enough money to marry her. Now he tries to get Michael back to being a good father and an honest trader. "Wall Street Money Never Sleeps" is an interesting look at people who don't seem to have a conscience about doing the wrong thing. It's a good look at how money never sleeps and cashes in at the Top of the Hill.
  Rated: PG 13   20th Century Fox

You Again

Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, Betty White

This story is about girl friends in high school who don't treat each other with much respect but then the young girl who was mean to another girl grows up, changes and gets engaged to the nice girls' brother. Kristen plays the nice girl with the nice brother and Jamie is their mother. She is shocked to find out the girl who was mean to her is going to marry her brother.
    While we watch how everybody changes with age we hear a lot of good dance music and see a lot of funny scenes and "You Again" is a musical, comedy that dances to the Top of the Hill.
  Rated: PG   Touchstone Pictures


Diane Lane,  John Malkovich,  Dylan Walsh

Secretariat is the name of a always winning horse and Diane Lane plays the daughter of the man who owns him. This is based on a true story of the 1973 Triple Crown winner of the Kentucky Derby. But just like people as horses get older they're not as fast as they used to be. Still Diane believes he can continue to be a winner and we see all the behind the scenes action that happens.
  "Secretariat" keeps your interest until the end and races to the Top of the Hill.
  Rated: PG  Walt Disney Films

Hatchet 2

Danielle Harris, Tony Todd, Kane Hodder

  This is a sequel to the original Hatchet Horror film and it picks up where the 2007 first film ends as the young girl played by Danielle escapes from the clutches of the swamp dwelling, scary looking killer. She returns to the Louisiana swamps to recover the bodies of her family and to try and get revenge on the monster who killed them.
  Hatchet 2 has a lot of scary violence and bad camera work that really is a horror, it shoots to the Bottom of the Hill.
  Unrated     Dark Sky Films

Life As We Know It

Katherine Heigl   Josh Duhamel  

Katherine is a Chef and Josh is a Sports Director and they are set up for a blind date by their best friends who just had a baby. When they meet they don't want to have a romance but then their best friends die and leave the baby to them. We watch as they struggle to like each other and take care of a baby.
  When Katherine meets the baby's Doctor she seems to like him better than Josh and then the relationship goes up and down and all around. "Life as we Know It" has some funny moments and some nice background music but it gets frustrating when it goes up and down for 2 hours and rates a Half Way Up the Hill.
  Rated: PG 13   Warner Br.

Nowhere Boy

Aaron Johnson   Kristin Scott Thomas

  This movie is based on John Lennon's life story.  It starts in 1955 when John was a smart but troubled 15 year old looking to put music in his life. He is raised by his Aunt as his mother doesn't seem to want the job. John manages to escape into the exciting fun world of rock n' roll. He meets another teen named Paul McCartney and we see how the Beatles started.
  This is an interesting great musical film that had me toe tapping thru half of it. John was a resilient young man and an icon in the music world. "Nowhere Boy" dances to the Top of the Hill.
  Rated: R    Weinstein Co.


In politics Gerrymandering means dividing a state or country into election districts so as to give one political party a majority in many districts while concentrating the voting strength of the other party into as few a number of districts as possible. Right now in 2010 our two major political parties are gearing up for a once a decade war whose winner will control Congress for the next 10 years.
This movie shows us how politicians battle in every state but they try to hide it from the prying eyes of the average voter. They say why bother stuffing ballots when they can just draw districts. Gerrymandering exposes the most effective form of manipulating elections short of outright fraud. This is the official selection of many Film Festivals and is an interesting look at Politics.


Dermot Mulroney   Diane Kruger

Sometimes Americans go to Mexico when they can't find the drugs or help they need in America. In this film Dermot plays the father of a sick young daughter who needs a double lung transplant. Diane plays his wife and they both get so desperate to save their daughter's life that they go to Mexico because they've heard of a Dr. there who performs transplants in Juarez, Mexico.
  After he arrives he finds out the Dr's medical ring runs deep into the criminal underworld. Now we watch as he tries to save the lives of hundreds of children including his daughter and we see how dangerous Mexico is for American tourists.
This movie should help to keep Americans out of Mexico and rates a Top of the Hill.
   Unrated   IFC Films

Made in Dagenham

Sally Hawkins   Rita O'Grady

   When I think of the l960's I think of American women fighting for equal rights and equal pay but this movie is about English women fighting for the same thing in Dagenham, England during the 60's.
   This is based on a true story and it shows the feisty, funny factory girls who shook their world with spirit and courage and achieved lasting social change. Rita plays a married mother who is one of 187 women that work for the Ford Motor Company and are classified as unskilled labor and get a fraction of the men's pay even though they work as hard as the men do.
    "Made In Dagenham" is a good look back at women fighting for equal rights and made me think of all the women in the Middle East Countries and Africa that still don't have equal rights so this story rates a Top of the Hill.
  Rated R    Sony Classics Pictures

Client 9 The Rise & Fall of Eliot Spitzer

   This is a Documentary that takes an in depth look at the personal life of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. He was an attorney who prosecuted some of Americas financial institutions when they ripped off clients.
     After his election as Governor the New York Times revealed he was a client of several Prostitutes and just because of that he lost his Governorship. This is a good look at how stupid American politicians are for not legalizing Prostitution. It's a popular business and would bring in a lot of taxes plus if it was legal the women would be checked by doctors to make sure they're not carrying sexual diseases and life would be safer for everyone. Client 9 rises to the Top of the Hill.
  Rated:  R  Magnolia Films

Hemingway's Garden of Eden
Jack Huston   Mena Suvari  Caterina Murino

  This film is based on a Earnest Hemingway book published in 1986 that was a success. The story follows an American writer and his beautiful wife on their extended honeymoon in Europe.
   Mena Suvari plays the wife that tries to spice up their marriage by bringing home a beautiful woman played by Caterina Murino for a sexy threesome.
   Hemingway's Garden of Eden is a sexy, funny movie filled with handsome men and beautiful women and laughs to the Top of the Hill.
    Rated:  R     Roadside Attractions

                             Black Swan

Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Winona Ryder

  Black Swan follows the story of a ballerina in the New York City ballet who is trying to be the star of the Ballet but she has a lot of competition from other dancers. The original film called Swan Lake requires a dancer who can play both the White Swan with innocence and grace and the Black Swan who represents guile and sensuality.
  As the two young dancers expand their rivalry we see them touch their sexy side and enjoy it together. Black Swan will be interesting for anyone who likes Ballet but the star of the film has some psychological problems that cause her stress, still it dances Three Quarters Up the Hill.
  Rated: R    Fox Searchlight Pictures

Frankie and Alice

Halle Berry

  Halle Berry is definitely the star of this movie that is based on a true story. It's an interesting drama centered on a young lady with multiple personality disorders. She struggles to remain a nice woman and not give in to her racist alter-personality.
  She does a good job showing the audience the many problems of brain disfunction and she acts Frankie and Alice to the Top of the Hill.
       Rated: R   Access Motion Picures

Every Day
Liev Schreiber, Helen Hunt

  This film starts with Liev Schreiber and Helen Hunt in a happy marriage with two healthy sons. He has a good paying job as a TV writer and they have a beautiful home. But when his 15 year old son tells his parents he's Gay his father is disturbed but his mother accepts him for what he is.
  But when Helen takes in her old, grumpy father to live with them she has much more aggravation than she expected. She finds out getting old is no fun. Then Liev starts writing a script with a co-writer who's young and beautiful and attracted to him. Then  her gay son gets in trouble dancing at a party and we see an interesting story that's well acted with good music and excellent camera work that dances to the Top of the Hill.
  Rated: R   Image Entertainment

No Strings Attached

Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher
Natalie and Ashton are life-long friends until they have sex one morning and it seems to ruin their friendship. But they try to save their friendship by agreeing there will be no strings attached, like no jealousy, no expectations, no fighting and no baby voices. That means they can do whatever they want, whenever they want as long as they don't fall in love.
  Then the question is will their friendship survive sex? No Strings Attached is a comedy with some good music and laughs to the Top of the Hill.
  Rated:  R   Paramount Pictures  

Just Go With It

Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler

    Adam Sandler plays a Plastic Surgeon looking for romance from a much younger woman who's a schoolteacher. He tries to figure out a way to attrack the schoolteacher and he asks his assistant played by Jennifer Aniston to help him figure out a way for this new romance.
    Adam pretends that Jennifer is his ex-wife and they have 2 children but then his lies backfire on him and as he tries to win with women and we see a very funny comedy with good camera work and some beautiful background scenery that helps Just Go With It laugh Three Quarters Up the Hill.
   Rated: PG 13   Columbia Pictures

Hall Pass

Owen Wilson  Jason Sudeikis  Jenna Fischer Christina Applegate

  Two friends, played by Owen and Jason have both been married for a long time. They love their wives but they can't help checking out other women who walk by them.
Both their wives notice this everytime and decide to give them a Hall Pass for one week of freedom to do whatever they want as a bold approach to revitalize their marriages.
  For both men this sounds like a dream come true but they soon discover their expectations for the single life are hilariously out of sync with reality and then their wives played by Jenna and Christina decide to take a Hall Pass for themselves and the movie soon becomes a sexy comedy and we see the private parts of two other men. "Hall Pass" is funny and has some good music but gets a little silly and laughs Three Quarters Up the Hill.
     Rated:  R    Warner Br. 

Jane Eyre

Mia Wasikowska,  Jamie Bell,   Michael Fassbender

  This story is set in 19th Century England from a novel written 160 years ago but still popular today.  At the age of 10, Jane, played by Mia, is mistreated and cast out of her childhood home by a cruel aunt. She is consigned to a charity school were she gets a good education and then gets a job as a governess for children who live in a beautiful mansion. But there are strange goings on there and then the story gets very interesting as she tries to secure her own future.
  Jane Eyre manages to rise to the Top of the Hill.
  Focus Features   Rated: PG 13  

Winter in Wartime

Martijn Lakemeier  Jessie Van Driel
This is an interesting look at Nazi-occupied Holland in 1945 when a 13 yr old is drawn into resisting Nazis as he aids a wounded British paratrooper. The boy is forced to act without knowing who to trust among townspeople around him.
   In the wintry Dutch countryside an English plane crashes and the young boy and his friends try to help the passengers but the occupying German soldiers chase them away. Then we see how the  boys family deals with Nazi's and Winter in Wartime fights Three Quarters Up the Hill.
    Rated R   Sony Classics Pictures

Soul Surfer

Annasophia Robb  Helen Hunt  Dennis Quaid

  Soul Surfer is based on a true story about a teenage girl living in Hawaii who's parents love her and want her  to be a surfer.  She loves surfing even after she's attacked by a Shark and loses one arm.
  Soul Surfer is well acted and inspires the audience to never give up even when you run into bad luck and it has great background music that helps it swim to the Top of the Hill.
  Rated: PG    TriStar Pictures

Water for Elephants

Reese Witherspoon Robert Pattinson Christoph Waltz

  Here's a story about people who like animals better than most other people. Robert plays a veterinary student who is attracted to Reese even though she's already married to Christoph.  Robert manages to get work as a Vet in the animal farm run by Reese's husband and she performs some amazing stunts with animals including a huge Elephant.
  Water for Elephants has some interesting scenes with animals but some scary violence in the end. Still it rises Three Quarters Up the Hill.
    Rated PG 13    20th Century Fox Films

Brides Maids

Kristen Wiig  Maya Rudolph   Rose Ryrne

    This is a story about girl friends and when on of them plans a wedding she asks one of her many friends to be maid of honor and the other ones to be brides maids.
     Kristen Wiig leads the cast as the maid of honor but then sees her own life unravel as she lead a group of very different women on a wild ride on the road to matrimony.
     Brides Maids is like watching a funny porno film that's more of a Chick Flick than a regular story but it still rises Three Quarters Up the Hill.
   Rated:  R    Universal Pictures

Hard Breakers

Cameron Richardson Sophie Monk Tom Arnold

      This is a musical comedy about 2 girls trying to find the right guy. But they have a history of dating frustration with men. Cameron and Sophie are best friends who live together in a beachfront house. One day they save the life of a young man who's hit in the head by his surfboard. Then they discover the vulnerable side of men.
       The story is like watching a musical porno film but the music is so good it makes you want to shake your booty and tap your toes. Hard Breakers gets a bit silly at the end but still rates Three Quarters Up the Hill.
   Rated:  R     Oceanfront Productions

Bad Teacher

Cameron Diaz  Justin Timberlake  Lucy Punch

  Cameron plays the bad teacher. She doesn't really want to be a teacher but she needs the job. She drinks, smokes pot and is wildly inappropriate to be around young kids but some of the things she does make them happy, like showing movies instead of making them read books.
There are a lot of funny, sexy scenes showing her trying to win over the right guy for marriage. Bad Teacher has enough comedy, good music and good acting to skip Three Quarters Up the Hill.
    Rated: R    Columbia Pictures

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Steve Carell  Ryan Gosling  Julianne Moore

  Steve plays a man in his 40's living a nice life with a good job, great kids and marriage to his high school sweetheart played by Julianne. One night when he and his wife are out at a restaurant she shocks him by saying "I want a divorce". Then he finds out she's been having an affair with another guy.  He agrees if that's what she wants he'll leave. Then he starts going to a local bar at night and drinking a lot with a friend of his played by Ryan. Ryan opens Steve's eyes to the many women around them that he could have fun with and he starts having affairs.
  After that he learns that his 13 year old son has a crush on their 17 year old babysitter and she has a crush on Steve. Crazy, Stupid, Love becomes very funny and interesting enough to be Top of the Hill.
       PG 13     Warner Br.

                                  Chasing Madoff

  This is the true story about a team of investigators who struggled for 10 years to expose the thief called Bernard Madoff and how he stole millions from people who thought they invested in an honest company run by Madoff.
  In 2008 the Federal Agents finally arrested Madoff and exposed his financial fraud. It was sad to see how many people don't seem to have a conscience between right and wrong and how they can get away with stealing from the nice people who do have a conscience and want to do the right things in this world. We once got taken by a crooked financial advisor named Brent Jay and lost $150,000. It certainly caused us lots of problems and we're still recovering.
         Cohen Media Group


Brad Pitt    Jonah Hill

  This film is based on a true story about Billy Beane played by Brad. He wanted to be a Baseball superstar but failed to live up to his expectations on the Baseball field so he turned his career to management.
  Then he tried to make the Oakland A's team star players but lost to big market clubs who paid enormous salaries. Baseball fans will probably like this film but it slows down a little as it's over 2 hours; but still it's interesting.
    Rated: PG 13    Columbia Pictures
What's Your Number

Anna Faris   Chris Evans   Ari Graynor

  Anna plays a woman who writes down the number of sexual affairs she has and then reads a magazine article warning people who have more than 20 affairs that they missed the chance of true love.
  What's Your Number is a very funny musical comedy that laughs to the Top of the Hill.
  Rated: R   Regency Entertainment

Jack & Jill

Adam Sandler  Katie Holmes  Al Pacino

  Adam does a good acting job playing Jack & his Twin sister Jill. He is a happily married man who works in his own Ad company. Every year his twin sister comes to visit him for Thanksgiving and stays for a month.
  One of Adam's clients wants him to get Al Pacino to do a commercial for their company so Adam tries to fix Jill up with Al hoping she'll marry him. Jack & Jill is a good comedy that had me laughing to the Top of the Hill.
   Rated: PG   Sony Pictures 

My Week With Marilyn

Michelle Williams   Arthur Miller

  In 1956, a 23 yr old man worked his first job in the film
business as assistant to Sir Laurence Olivier in England. The film was called "The Prince & the Showgirl" and Marilyn arrived in England to co-star in the film. Her husband, played by Arthur Miller, leaves her there so he can return to New York.
  It's an interesting movie with Marilyn attracted to the younger man while singing; dancing and acting in the film. My Week with Marilyn dances to the Top of the Hill.
     Rated: R    Weinstein Co.

Joyful Noise

Dolly Parton   Queen Latifah   Jeremy Jordan

   A small town in Georgia has fallen on hard times but the people are counting on the Divinity Church Choir to lift their spirits with good music.
   The story shows all the different races liking each other. This is a funny musical that had me tapping my toes and wanting to shake my booty enough to dance to the Top of the Hill.
  Rated: PG 13     Warner Br.

Jennifer Aniston     Paul Rudd

  This movie is a sexy comedy about affairs people have even when they're married and they agree to having an open marriage. There are scenes with naked men showing their penis. The music and acting are good and the story is funny then gets a bit ridiculous but still laughs Three Quarters up the Hill.
  Rated: R      Universal Pictures
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Judi Dench  Ronald Pickup  Dev Patel

         This movie is about older people trying to make the last years of their lives really Golden Years. They are England retirees who move to the Marigold Hotel in India because it costs less to live there but they find out the property has problems with water, electricity and phones and the improvements have stalled.
         The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is a comic, romantic, poignant adventure for our older years and is interesting enough to be Top of the Hill.
  PG 13     Fox Searchlight Films 
People Like Us

Chris Pine  Elizabeth Banks  Michelle Pfeiffer

  Chris Pine plays a man in his 20's who's been away from his family for awhile when he learns his father has suddenly died. He's called back home by his mother to help put his father's estate in order and reconnect with his estranged family.
  He meets a girl he's attracted to played by Elizabeth Banks and then he's shocked to find out she's his sister from one of his father's affairs."People Like Us" is a comedy/drama that has some great 1970's music and plays Three Quarters Up the Hill.
  Rated: PG 13   DreamWorks Pictures
Ruby Sparks

Paul Dano  Zoe Kazan

  Paul Dano plays a book writer and he writes a book about a girl friend he'd like to have named Ruby Sparks. He only imagines her but then she shows up in his living room. He can't believe she came to life from his imaginaton.
  Then the story gets complicated but has some good music and is interesting and funny enough to climb Three Quarters Up the Hill.
  Rated: R    Fox Searchlight Pictures
Pitch Perfect

Anna Kendrick   Brittany Snow

  This movie is a musical comedy. Anna plays a singer in an all girls singing group and she helps them climb their way to the top of the hill in music competitions.
   The film is loaded with that good old time Rock & Roll and is a great music comedy. It had me laughing and tapping my toes so I rate it Top of the Hill.
  PG  13      Universal Pictures
20 Feet from Stardom
                              Music Documentary

  It was nice to see a movie with no violence and music that was so good it made me want to shake my Booty. This one showed some of the backup singers and dancers from the 21st century when we had that good old time rock and roll. It made me want to tap my toes to the Top of the Hill. 
Radius TWC   90 minutes.
Good Ol’ Freda
Beatles Documentary

  This is a good movie about the Beatles and their Secretary Freda Kelly. It had some good music and an interesting story.
I rate it Top of the Hill

Inequality for All
Robert Reich     

  This film is a interesting story about how much money people make and how that affects their tax and their life. It’s an interesting look at Washington DC and show people working on Amazon. It also has good background music and I rate it Top of the Hill.

The Other Woman

Cameron Diaz  Kate Upton  Mark King

   This is a funny movie about a wife who finds out her husband is cheating on her with another woman who she meets and they become friends. Then we find out the husband has more than one girl friend but he still wants to stay married to his wife. There’s some good acting and good music in this interesting story. I rate it Top of the Hill.
Glen Campbell, I’ll be Me

   This movie shows the life and career of music icon Glen Campbell and his terrific band playing great music. It’s nice to see a movie with no violence and good music. I rate it Top of the Hill.                     
Helicopter Mom
Lisa Lock  Jason Dolley

   This is a funny movie with good music and tells the story of a mother who has a gay son but he likes a woman at the end and decides he’s  Bi Sexual. This was only 88 minutes and I rated it Top of the Hill.
San Francisco 2.0

   I grew up in San Francisco and liked living there but this movie tells us all the prices have been raised. It was interesting to see what the city is like now and they had some good music with good acting so I gave it a Top of the Hill.